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Welcome to the new WVGDC website! Our site will be under construction throughout 2019. Hope you enjoy our new website and find it useful!

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We LOVE our club members – Thank you Courtney!

Time flies by so quickly! We had so much fun at our Specialty at the end of March. We have so so so many people to thank. Without our volunteers we couldn’t put on our Specialties. Courtney came down from the Seattle area to help. She set up our trophy table, the ribbons and anything…

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Thank You to
Our Specialty Trophy Fund Donors

We couldn't put on our Specialties without the support of our wonderful Great Dane Community! Thank you so much to those who supported our club by donating to our Trophy Fund! We are so very grateful!!

Best of Winners


Daynakin Great Danes LLC/

Jack Henderson & Georgia Hymmen

Katherine & Conley Nester

Sheila Sullivan

Best of Opposite


Raymond Goldstone/

Paquestone Great Danes in BC

Lisa Bemis

Western Great Dane Club of BC

Best Puppy


Davishire Danes/

Kathleen Davis

Marta Brock

Gerie Davis

Barbara Duncan

Barbara Graves

Karl & Janet Hoffman Berg

Aaron & Gloria Lisech


Thank you to our
Trophy Sponsors

Karen & Paul Bezanson

Shanda Bhasker

Yvette Foster

Jere & Stacie Knudtsen

Sniffany's Pet Boutique
& Photography
Albany, OR

Great Danes

Moose, a beautiful Merle Great Dane, touring the streets of Albany, OR, with his owner.

Sniffany's Pet Boutique
& Photography

Click on the picture to learn more about Sniffany's!!

Great Dane Resources

What makes a Great Dane, a Great Dane

Historically over time Great Dane breeders created a description of what the Great Dane should look like and the Dane temperament. This description, The Great Dane Standard should be used as guidelines in breeding Danes, so our beautiful noble breed retains its healthy structure and type and doesn't end up looking like a greyhound or a mastiff.

Is a Great Dane right for your family?

Great Danes are WONDERFUL fun-loving, boisterous, happy,  playful dogs. And big, very big. Adult Great Danes weigh between 100-175 pounds. They can be wonderful family pets and must have time with their people, but they can be destructive if not given enough exercise or become lonely or bored.

A Great Dane Puppy or a Great Dane Rescue?

When considering adding a new 4 legged family member, consider both puppies and older dogs, breeder returns, rescue Danes or shelter Danes. Puppies are wonderful, fun, mischievous, energetic and busy, very busy. Older dogs are more settled, usually calmer, house broken, trained and oftentimes spayed/neutered.

Finding a Great Dane Breeder & Dane Puppy

You've researched Great Danes, decided on a puppy and now you are ready to find a reputable breeder! Finding a good breeder can take time so don't rush the process. We have lots of information to assist you in finding a great companion to add to your family.

Great Dane
Health Issues

Danes are a Giant breed dog, with Giant breed health issues.  The top 3 causes of death for Great Danes are Bloat, Cancer (Osteosarcoma) and Cardiomopathy ( Heart Disease). There are special health issues to be aware of when owning Danes. 

Seven Great Dane Colors - Can you name them?

Great Dane Color genetics are very complicated. Historically breeders refined and developed breeding practices so they could reliably reproduce colors. The ability to reliably reproduce colors allows breeders to focus on structure, type, temperament, health and longevity.

Mission Statement

The Willamette Valley Great Dane Club's Mission is to support the Great Dane Breed. The Club works to educate people about the breed, encourage and promote responsible Great Dane ownership and breeding.

Read our Mission Statement


WVGDC has a Great Dane Specialty show in Albany at the Linn County Event Center the last weekend of March every year. This is a great opportunity to see Great Danes from Canada and up and down the West Coast. 

Read More about our Great Dane Specialty

Learn more and
Join the WVGDC

Members of WVGDC love Great Danes, enjoy spending time with our Danes and Dane owners. The club meets several times a year and annually holds a Great Dane Specialty Show. Please join us at our meetings!

Read about joining WVGDC

Why do people Show
Great Danes?

Showing Great Danes is an enjoyable and educational activity to do with your dogs. People who show and breed Great Danes have decades of experience and knowledge they are happy to share with other Great Dane lovers.

Why show your Great Dane?

Activities to do
with your Great Dane

Dog Sports have become more and more popular over the years. You can enjoy Rally, Obedience, Dock Jumping, Tracking, Lure Coursing, Skijoring, Barn Hunting and even Herding with your Danes. 

Great Dane Dog Sports

What Happens at a Dog Show?
(Dog Show 101)

Dog Shows can be very confusing and it is hard to know what is happening and even when Great Danes are in the ring and when owners are available to meet. We would like to help clear up some of that confusion.

Dog Show 101
Natural eared Mantle Great Dane

What is Health Testing and
Why is it important?

» Health Tests help to reduce Genetic defects in puppies

» There are 4 recommended Great Dane Health Tests

» Health Tests should be performed on both parents BEFORE BREEDING

» Look up health test RESULTS on two websites BEFORE deciding on a breeder and puppy.

Great Dane Colors

» Great Dane color genetics are very complicated

» There are 3 (4) color families: Fawn/Brindle, Blue, Harlequin (Mantle, Merle, Harlequin), Blacks are interesting, sometimes referred to as the 4th color family, Black is the only color that can be strategically used in all the color families.

» Seven recognized show colors: Fawn, Brindle, Blue, Black, Harlequin, Mantle, Merle

» There are NO rare colors of Great Danes

Brindle Great Dane

I just want a Pet

» Do you want a healthy Great Dane?

» Do you want a Great Dane with a good temperament?

» Do you want a Great Dane that looks like a Great Dane
or a Greyhound?

» Do you want a breeder that can be a lifelong resource for issues
that come up with your Great Dane?

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