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2019 Donations

Modern Woof – Marcela Luedtke

Collar by Modern Woof

Thank you Marcela Luedtke (Modern Woof) Marcela Luedtke is a talented, gifted woman who makes high quality beautiful collars, blankets and pet accessories for dogs. This collar is absolutely stunning and we are so very grateful to her for donating it for our Raffle Table/Silent Auction. Marcela is a very caring person and in the…

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Happy Legs 2019

Happy Legs

Thank you Happy Legs! Thank you Happy Legs for your gift certificate of $75 off a set of Happy Legs. These are a very useful tool to help teach puppies how to stack and stay. They fold up nicely for storage. I’ve always wanted a set of these. They have different sizes for different sized…

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Designs In Ink – 2019

Thank you Designs In Ink! Thank you Designs in Ink! I love these Great Dane license plates. Designs in Ink create Gifts, Awards, etc. They have a website at which has a copy of their catalog so you can see all the different custom things you can order. The variety of offerings is astounding!…

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Bennett Tobias Designs 2019

Thank you Bennett Tobias Designs! Thank Bennett Tobias Designs for these very cute Great Dane earrings. It isn’t easy to find Great Dane jewelry and these are very cute. Thank you B.T. Designs for donating these great Great Dane earrings to our Raffle Table!

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Cascade Quilting 2019

Thank you Cascade Quilting! Cascade Quilting creates wonderful lightweight washable fleece blankets and quilts. They have a website: Margie has a variety of colorful fun fabrics in different useful sizes. We are very grateful for Cascade Quilting’s Donation of fleece blankets and very cool Great Dane pens.

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Jerry Lobato – Gifted Artist – 2019

Thank you Jerry! Jerry Lobato is a wonderful artist and gifted sculptor. Our club is so lucky that he has donated this beautiful Great Dane Mantle print for our raffle/silent auction table. Jerry creates beautiful sculpted pieces of Danes, large and small. He is a generous and talented artist. Thank you Jerry!

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