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Do you want a healthy Great Dane puppy?

Great Danes are wonderful dogs and good responsible breeders work very had to ensure they bring into the world healthy puppies that will live long comfortable lives.  Fortunately now, breeders have help from researchers and veterinarians. If you’ve been looking for a puppy and researching Great Danes you have probably read about of health testing. …

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Adopt a Dane Puppy or Rescue

When first thinking about adding a pet to the family, the first decision to consider is whether to buy a puppy or adopt an older dog or rescue. There are advantages to each. Adopt a Great Dane Puppy or a Great Dane Rescue? When first thinking about adding a pet to the family, the first…

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2018 Rose City Dog Show Meet the Breed Event

Black Great Dane - Fawn Great Dane

The Rose City Classic 4 day Dog Show was held this weekend, January 18-22, 2018. During the show the Willamette Valley Great Dane Club sponsored a Meet the Breed Event on Saturday, January 21st. We had 4-6 Great Danes there with their owners to meet people interested in the breed. Our club members were happy…

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