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Health Information

Timberland Breeder Health Testing Day – October 7, 2018

This is an amazing service for responsible dog breeders in the Oregon/Washington area and well worth a days time. You can get all/most health testing done for VERY reasonable prices. The times are 9:00am-4pm. Location is Timberland Vet Hospital, 2150 US Hwy 12, Ethel, WA 98542. Call for more information, 360-985-2700. 

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Do you want a healthy Great Dane puppy?

Great Danes are wonderful dogs and good responsible breeders work very had to ensure they bring into the world healthy puppies that will live long comfortable lives.  Fortunately now, breeders have help from researchers and veterinarians. If you’ve been looking for a puppy and researching Great Danes you have probably read about of health testing. …

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