Are Great Danes good apartment dogs?

An older Great Dane can live in an apartment, but remember these are big animals and getting around them in small places is a challenge.ย  A very worthwhile challenge because they are a wonderful breed, but a challenge ๐Ÿ™‚ Great Danes love their people and want to be by you and that means getting from the kitchen to the bathroom means getting around a Great Dane ๐Ÿ™‚ It can work, but most Great Dane breeders will look for a fenced yard for their Danes. Good breeders want the best for their dogs and their new families. They don't like to place their dogs in homes that aren't a good fit. It isn't fun for the new families or the dogs if things don't work out and the dog needs to be returned. Good breeders are looking out for your best interests as well as their dogs.

How tall do Great Danes Get?

Great Danes grow to 30-36" tall at the withers

How much do Great Danes Weigh?

Great Danes grow to be 110- 175 pounds. The female Danes, referred to as bitches, are significantly smaller than the males, usually weighing 110-135 pounds. The male Danes are 145-178 pounds. Some breeders, irresponsible breeders, breed to create larger and larger Danes. This is irresponsible breeding as the larger Danes get, the more stress it puts on their bones and ligament structure. If they grow too quickly it can permanently damage the Dane puppies. Responsible breeders know it is in the dog's best interest to control their growth as puppies so these puppies will live longer pain free lives.

How much do Great Danes eat?

Growing Great Danes can eat as much as 12 cups of dog kibble a day. For good quality food, this is $180-$250/month. As a Great Dane matures and reaches full height, their food requirements decrease to around 4-6 cups of good quality kibble a day, around $70-$125/month. Some breeders, irresponsible breeders, always breed to larger Danes. The breeders are irresponsible because if the Dane puppies grow to quickly they can develop bone and ligament issues that can be permanent and shorten their lives. Responsible breeders breed dogs with "normal" Great Dane height and control puppy growth, supporting their puppies so they will have longer and healthier more comfortable lives.

How active and high energy are Great Danes?

This varies quite a bit. The typical Dane, once it is past puppyhood, around 2 years, settles into being a quiet calm couch potato. Some Danes are VERY energetic their entire lives and have very significant exercise needs. In order to get a puppy you can live with, talk candidly to the breeder about how much exercise you will be able to give your Dane. They can then help you choose a Great Dane pupy or adult with the personality and energy levels you can live with. These characteristics are apparent to a Great Dane breeder with years of experience. This is why many Great Dane breeders don't determine which puppy goes to which home until the puppies are 6-8 weeks of age. It is in your best interest to believe your breeder and work with them as they want to place their puppies in homes that are aย  perfect fit for the people and the puppy.

Are Great Danes Good with Small Children?

Great Danes are strong, fast and large. They don't know their size and with a quick turn can knock small children flying. Also small children shouldn't sit or bounce on Great Danes, even if it looks very cute. An experienced Dane owner who has had several Great Danes understand the size issues and they can successfully have Danes and small children with low key Danes and planning. It probably isn't the best idea to get your first Dane puppy with small children. Great Danes are very gentle and loving with their family members, school age children and Danes are wonderful together.

Is A Great Dane Right For You?

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